Sunday, October 7, 2018

Trust the Toronto Maple Leafs to Explain Schadenfreude

Last night I posted a piece (live!) about the Leafs falling behind to the Ottawa Senators. As I noted there I stopped watching the game at the mid-way point. This morning I awoke to the news that the natural order of NHL things resolved at 5 - 3.

I was not surprised.

How does one explain "Schadenfreude"?

A Winnipeg Free Press article opens up the subject in a piece from 2013. Historical context: during 2013 Stanley Cup playoff action the Leafs blew a substantial lead to the Boston Bruins in the third period of Game 7, losing in overtime. It was rather sweet.

TORONTO -- When the Toronto Maple Leafs blew a third-period lead and stumbled out of the NHL playoffs, much of the rest of Canada revelled in sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

Yes. That Schadenfreude.

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