Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Does the Average Canadian Care to Remember?

With Remembrance Day about to remind us again I thought it time to remember. From 2016:

While on my way to work here in Toronto this morning I could not help but notice that poppies were almost nowhere to be seen. I saw one fellow subway train traveller sporting the powerfully symbolic artificial flower.


Many years ago I watched a documentary on the World Wars where at the film's conclusion historian Dr Noble Frankland spoke of his concern that future generations could lose any understanding or appreciation of the selfless sacrifices in those devastating conflicts.

The number of people wearing poppies is not necessarily the indicator of how much of this understanding and appreciation there is out there, but to me it certainly is the domestic canary.

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DonaldAR said...

Poppy boxes all over the place in Calgary, Drumheller and Banff. Good thing, because ImI already on my second one. I think that the straight pin design is cleverly planned obsolescence...