Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Birth of a Giant

Beautiful bird.

I remember the Argus maritime patrol aircraft very well. When I lived in then RCAF Station Greenwood, Nova Scotia, they were a presence at the air base.


Whenever an Argus was parked in a hangar for maintenance work the tail would jut from the building's closed doors.

I boarded an Argus during one Armed Forces Day; I remember thinking how comfortable the plane's interior looked.

What I liked in those RCAF days was the great "electric bolt" painted on the aircrafts' sides. (I wish the air force would bring back that livery.)

Below is a wonderful, at least to 'brats' like me, NFB (National Film Board of Canada) documentary from 1957 outlining the Argus' design and development and test flights.

Two program notes:

* On a Canadair plant status board are listed T-33 and F-86; these aircraft types were licence-built here in Canada.

* Lost in Space (CBS, 1965 - 1968) fans will recognize a certain computer interface board. This panel model somehow ended up on the Jupiter-2 (a supposedly futuristic machine).


First posted as "Canadair CL-28 'Argus' Film from the NFB" on August 11, 2019.

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