Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Fans of Summer

This heat and humidity here in Toronto, Canada, is basically unrelenting. We're now into months (plural) of continuous atmospheric oppression.

While I work during the day I listen to BBC Radio 2. The UK is enjoying much the same story. The radio presenters (hosts) quiz one another on air: "How did you sleep last night?" The respective answers, variations on: "Badly. And I had two fans going." (I wonder why well-paid BBC employees won't take the plunge and buy an air conditioner. My theory is they don't get enough days and nights of H&H to warrant the purchase price.)

This past spring I promised myself I would buy an air conditioner. Calling myself an "environmentalist" is fine and dandy, but sleep is a real bargain. Fine. My fan does the trick.

There's relief next week: around 25 Celsius.

This is beginning to look real good right about now....

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