Sunday, August 23, 2020

From OECA to TVO (From the 2020 TVO Calendar)

There is some confusion as to what TVOntario was called for the first decade of its existence. The Ontario Educational Communications Network, or OECA, was the name I knew them by for years. "TV Ontario" just sneaked up on me, without fanfare.

A good friend of mine, a huge movie fan, and, like me, an admirer of TVO's now-gone framework movie series' Saturday Night at the Movies and Magic Shadows and their host, Elwy Yost, was convinced the network always went under the name we know today. He was so convinced, I thought maybe my memory was faulty. I'm kidding. In June of 1977 I visited "OECA". (Just as importantly, in the summer of 1976: "Doctor Who is on OECA this September!")

As the picture above states: OECA "officially" adopts working name of TVOntario in 1981.

OECA is still the name for me, even if I watch a lot of programming on TVOntario.

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Simon St. Laurent said...

I'm a proud TVO Supporter. They've been airing a lot of interesting documentaries lately.