Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pizza Delivery

Hidden charges. We all know them.

Two years ago I placed a pizza order. The last time I took advantage of such a service was many years in the past. The Romans and Carthaginians had gone at it a few times since had I last picked up the telephone and called in a pizza pie.

“... Pizza Pizza. Can I have your order please?”

Sure you can. The flyer I referenced from had a special offer: a large pizza with three toppings, for $12.99.

“That’ll be (around twenty) dollars.” Since I was in a busy headspace, the total cost went by me.

It came.

When the delivery guy repeated the total cost I made an interjection: “I thought it was $12.99 (plus tax, of course)!”

“There’s a five dollar delivery charge, sir.”

The order taker did not say that.

My memory is such that I can replay a conversation when I need to check details. I let it go. That pie smelled really good.

In hindsight, I should have put two and two together, if not add (about) seven dollars.

A few months later I ordered again, just to do a little quality control and a needed customer service check.

This time around I pressed “record” on the ol' reel-to-reel.

“... Pizza Pizza….”

I wanted the same special.

“That’ll be (around twenty) dollars.”

I knew it. “I thought the pizza was twelve ninety-nine?”

“There’s a five dollar delivery charge, sir.”

Just to get technical: “You should say, ‘so you know, with deliveries there is a five dollar service charge’.”


We’re surprised?


First posted as "Telephone Order Pizza With Care" on May 22, 2019.

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