Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Flash? Ah Ha.... (But Brian Blessed Was Great!)

While listening to BBC Radio 2 yesterday I learned that the 1980 Dino De Laurentiis feature film release, Flash Gordon, is enjoying a re-release in UK cinemas.

I saw that picture when it first hit theatres, and thought it was just good enough that I didn't wish for a money back guarantee. Visually, the film was beautiful. The design work was upper craftsman. Colours curled and flowed, broken by vertically-charged gleaming sets expected in such a big budget production.

No expense was spared, but the script, what made it to the final cut, was sparse: wrapped in moments demanded, too fearful of straying from halftone origins. The result was something we'd seen many times recently before. Just a few years earlier, similar influences had been re-spun, and most effectively, with audiences thinking they were seeing something new.

I've known for a few years now that British audiences took more readily to De Laurentiis' Flash Gordon than had we North American cynics, hence the 4K remastered release projected in selected UK cinemas. Had I known....

From the website, "Top10 Films":
“Flash Gordon” Returns To UK Cinemas For 40th Anniversary
Flash Gordon will return to cinemas for its 40th anniversary.

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