Wednesday, May 29, 2019

All This Star Trek Discovery Talk

A old friend of mine is into CBS All Access's Star Trek: Discovery. Occasionally I'll ask him his thoughts on how he feels about the series. There have been twenty-nine episodes thus far, over two seasons. (Just twenty-nine? I'm guessing series budgets aren't what they used to be.)

Maybe some day I'll binge-watch (yikes!) all twenty-nine; and stop after episode two. (I wish CBS All Access would make the series more "accessible".)

This talk reminds me of a piece I posted on August 2, of 2017:

Star Trek: Discovery

Today, on the Toronto Star's website:

Star Trek: Discovery was delayed to protect quality, says producer

Which, based on many, many precedents, could very well translate as: Nobody has a vision, except the show's first executive producer (Brian Fuller), but he was turfed because a committee with a new vision came along, and many people were replaced, with new people taking over who have no clue as to what Star Trek is about.

A real cynic might say that the line from new Star Trek: Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman is code for: "It's a dog, folks, but we can't admit that to you."

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