Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The News Says We Torontonians Are Raptors Crazy

We are?

This morning I spent a couple of hours getting some work done in my local coffee shop: I overheard no conversations about the Toronto Raptors.

I then met an old friend for lunch in a diner: I overheard no conversations about the Raptors.

(Hard life, I know.)

But when I got home about an hour ago I popped on the radio and: Raptors this and Raptors that. "Toronto is going Raptors crazy!"

"We are?" (That's news to me.)

Interesting, eh?

I'm happy for the Toronto Raptors and its fans, but I'm thinking I'm in a different city.

I look out my front window: "No. The CN Tower is there."

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