Monday, May 27, 2019

Con Swift and His Party Time Machine

The hot news today in this great Canadian province:

Premier Doug Ford, Ontario's Bouncing Baby Boy, has cancelled retroactive budget cuts aimed at child care, public health, and land-based ambulance services.

The solid-rock theory is that Ford and his boys were shaken by several recent polls putting him and his party time at the bottom of the beer barrel.

Had the OnCons been paying attention in the first place....


Jon said...

May also be due to pressure from the federal Conservatives to lay off the cuts until after the federal election, lest people realize what is in store. Plenty of time for that afterward.

Simon St. Laurent said...

You are right. It's been suggested by some pundits that the federal Conservative brand (Admiral Scheer) has been irreparably damaged by this sequence of events. It was a peek into a possible future.

Conservatives don't like it because it shows how too easily their Con leaders gave into the 'Snowflakes' and unions.

Liberals love it because it reaffirms, and perhaps, proves, their "I told you so".

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario insiders say that the latest polling numbers flicked the party into a state of panic. Hence the rollback.

May we live in an interesting time and place.

Adele Menegon said...

No one has mentioned the actual polling numbers but I was awakened the other morning with this glad news - PC - 22% NDP - 34% Lib - 44% !!!! A dire warning, indeed, for any voter contemplating voting for the Cons. Doesn't anyone remember the nasty days of Harris and Harper? They made changes that are reverberating today - amalgamation, nurses moving south and crimes [I think] against the education system.There are others but these stand out for me.
Like the Republicans down south, these are mean spirited people. Their motto, to quote a Brit saying -"I'm all right , Jack!" Translation - You have a problem? Tough bananas - don't come to me for help!
We have 2 other perfectly good parties with some heart. Take your pick and vote!

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thanks for the notes!

With Ford tearing up the Beer Store agreement, which could end up costing over a billion dollars, I'm convinced the Conservatives are unconscious....never mind mean-spirited.