Friday, May 10, 2019

GO is Getting Serious With Fare Evaders

GO Transit claims they lose about 15 million dollars per year due to uncollected fares. They are activating more fare inspectors in an effort to nab those train riders who take a seat and hope nobody will ask to see their papers.

Getting caught used to result in a stern warning. No longer. Now it's a fine.

In February I took the GO train to Burlington. I was waiting for someone to ask me to produce my ticket; no doubt the other guy sitting in my car was waiting for the same request.

Same story on the way back to Toronto. More people sat in the railway car with me this time, but no go again on the ticket inspection front.

"Is this normal?"


Dominic M said...

High with the LLCBO I have my doubts about governments running businesses.

Simon St. Laurent said...

You mean "privatization"? No....