Thursday, May 30, 2019

Where's the Hockey? (Inconvenient)

On Tuesday evening I popped the television on to watch what I was expecting to be NHL playoff action between the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues. But what the CBC gave me was an episode of Kim's Convenience.

Getting wrapped up in my laptop work took me from my 'tube', rendered me oblivious to what played on Kim's. Actually, I did follow a little bit. And I wasn't so disconnected that I did not notice that another episode started up. Then another. And two more after that. A festival.

On the fifth day of this month I posted a critical piece on Kim's Convenience; my summation of the sitcom after watching a few episodes over a couple of months....not all in one evening.

What can I add this time?

For some bizarre reason the show's producers feel there must be a "C" story: three story streams. The problem with this model is the program's format is not one of a continuing story arc. All three pieces are one-offs. None of which is particularly effective in the end. The audience cannot get into what amounts to a skit.

Yesterday I expressed my 'concerns' to a friend and production peer. Why do the writers submit to this ineffective format?

"Everybody's frightened."

There was no NHL playoffs excitement that night.

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