Tuesday, May 28, 2019

On the Ontario Conservatives' Backtrack

A fine comment to my post from last evening ("Con Swift and His Party Time Machine") prompted me to respond:

It's been suggested by some pundits that the federal Conservative brand (read: Andrew Scheer) has been irreparably damaged by this sequence of events. It was a peek into a possible future.

Conservatives don't like it because it shows how too easily their Con leaders gave in to the 'Snowflakes' and unions.

Liberals love it because it reaffirms, and perhaps, proves, their "I told you so".

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario insiders say the latest polling numbers flicked the party into a state of "panic". Hence the cancellation.

May we live in an interesting time and place.


Now Ford and his boys are saying they will indeed "tear up" the agreement made with The Beer Store. (This deal was struck ten years ago with the then Liberal government.) Stay tuned.

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