Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Carnival of Dolts Has Come to Town

Trust Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his fellow things to not tell the truth; to spread lies by using taxpayer dollars. (There's a big joke in that funding issue. You got it.)

The vehicle: Television advertisements (which started on Monday).

The subject: The Federal Carbon Tax.

The message: Ontarians will have to cough up an extra $648 yearly on groceries, home heating, and gasoline.

The problem: The advert fails to state that most families will actually get more from the carbon tax than what they dish out. Why? The federal government has a tax rebate program.

The truth: That $648 figure is not the projected cost of the tax for this year, but rather 2022, when it hits $50 per tonne.

I said "Dolts"?....

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