Saturday, June 8, 2019

A Mysterious Unknown Force Pulls Me

Yesterday I filed a book picture posting: Destination: Moonbase Alpha - The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Space: 1999

From author Robert E. Wood:

"Ultimately this [a loyal cult following] is a vindication against whatever the harshest and most biased of critics could hurl at it. This book is presented in the desire to provide that conclusive reckoning owed to Space: 1999 ...."

Okay, you lost me right there: page one of the "Introduction".

The Eagle has landed. With wires cut.

Lost in space? Not quite.


Jon said...

So, the Wood Report TOTALLY EXONERATES Space:1999! Now only a few biased critics don't like it. Sad!

Sorry, had a covfefe moment there.

Simon St. Laurent said...

The twisted thing is a lot of those 'biased' critics made some good points.