Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Holy Time Machine, Batman!

Last week I learned, or was reminded, that Tim Burton's Batman was released thirty years ago this month. While I was a Batman fan, I was in no rush to see the movie. Those readers who were not around back then would not know that there was some controversy when Michael Keaton was presented as the actor to play Gotham's famed caped crusader. ("Mr. Mom?") A comic book fan friend told me that he could not imagine Mr Keaton in the role. I really had no opinion on the matter. I would wait and see.

I did: at Toronto's Hollywood Theatre in September that year, just before the flick was pulled. My movie-mate had seen Batman; this was his second viewing, and he was curious....

"What did you think?"

"It was okay."

He laughed. "Oh, come on, man. You liked it."

I've not seen it since. Time, thirty years worth of time, can change one's opinion. It would be interesting to hear what my buddy thinks of Batman now.

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