Friday, June 21, 2019

Did It Break in Half Below the Waterline?

Doug Ford, captain of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, shuffled his cabinet yesterday: presumably the unit in his first-class suite on RMS Titanic. What cards have been moved about the ever tilting deck? Quite a few, actually. But most importantly, at least to me, is that Lisa MacLeod and Vic Fedeli have been relieved of their posts and moved to compartments less flooded -- we can assume.

McLeod and Fedeli could not answer simple questions thrown their way. They had a stock answer for just about everything: “The Liberals!”

Oh, yes. That party which no longer has any influence in Ontario politics. Makes sense they are the answer to your own failings.

Mr Ford’s multiple course corrections are what I refer to as “rearranging the Titanic’s debris field”.

Hey! Mr Ford! “C.Q.D.”

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