Sunday, June 23, 2019

Want Some Chilly on Your Ford Fest Hot Dog?

On the television news last night came something chilling.

From the (DougFord Fest yesterday:

The Premier himself, Doug Ford, stood before the mic sounding as though he was campaigning:
"(The Liberals are) taking money from your pocket!" (Those little bastards are still doing that?)

A field reporter interviewed a young man who was clearly a faithful Ford supporter. The journalist had to ask: "How about the cuts to education and health care?"

The answer was precious. At least it was an actual answer and not the expected "because".

There was some hesitation as he searched for just the right words. They came:

"There are more important things."

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Adele Menegon said...

What more important things??? Is this a plan to keep us so stupid and so sick that we don't care and don't notice the mess around us? Instead we should shower love and adoration on the Dear Leader? He needs a few more public displays of booing to show him how many people feel about him. The only decent thing he did was to fire his buddy French!