Sunday, June 2, 2019

Toronto By Any Other Name

With the NBA final round now in the air, journalists from out of country are here to undertake the necessary coverage. (As boring as I find basketball to be, the fact is it's popular worldwide; no doubt due to its simplicity and ease of play.)

What's more interesting to me is how our visitors say "Toronto". We Torontonians have a tendency to pronounce the city name as "Tronno", "Tronna", "Toronno". You get the idea: a missing consonant.

I've long known that visitors say "Toronto", as in all consonants nailed. Americans, the United States variety, tend to pronounce properly our great city name.

That is so hot.

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Adele Menegon said...

I had a friend, a British import, who decried the way we pronounce that name.I had to remind her that the Brits and most people tend to shorten or slur the names they use a lot : Lunnon for London, Worstershire for Worcestorshire [try spellchecking that!].There are other examples that escape me now, but the point is that it's human nature to take short cuts, and we all do it.
Case closed??