Saturday, June 15, 2019

Parade of the Toronto Raptors

Cue Miklós Rózsa's brilliant piece, "Parade of the Charioteers":

Everything you need to know about the Raptors' victory parade Monday

Even though I saw absolutely no basketball action involving the Toronto Raptors, or any team, I wouldn't mind attending -- with camera in hand.

Ontario's Premier, Doug Ford, has made it known he will not attend. He claims that a politician should not make an appearance at such a celebration. Ford is free to feel this way -- Toronto Mayor John Tory says he will not be there, probably because he was a constant presence during the actual games, an attendee at Jurassic Park -- but some pundits think the province's Bouncing Baby Boy is afraid he'll be booed should he show up. No doubt.

Mr Ford would probably think that Mr Rózsa's stirring and triumphant work was written for him. ("Ben who?")

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