Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Steven Spielberg's Dark Television Series'

A headline from this morning, alerted me to something potentially scary:

Spielberg's After Dark: New horror series by iconic director can only be watched at night

I remember the debacle titled Amazing Stories. The year was 1985, the year of the television anthology format, and we waited with some enthusiasm for Steven Spielberg's effort to tell some "amazing stories". Well, that did not happen. With very, very few exceptions, the show was a complete and utter dud.

Decades later some of us old enough to remember "the show with just a name" might not be so entranced.

Spielberg states that Spielberg's After Dark will be watchable only when skies are dark.


Like my television/tablet/phone.

(The horror!)


Greg Woods said...

Despite your feelings about it, primarily based on who is involved, I really do like the idea.

Giving this generation a feeling of anticipation again, having to wait for something like we did, instead of immediately retrieving it any time with a push of a button. It'd be foolish for us to say we had it better in the good old days, in terms of having to wait sometimes years to finally see something that had elusive, whereas much more content is more readily available today on a whim, but on the other hand, in order to achieve that sense of gratification, I think we've forgone the sense of mystery that played in our imaginations in the times spent awaiting something.

Simon St. Laurent said...

Good points. Thanks!