Thursday, February 16, 2017

Set Design: Concepts for "Mr Science"

Last month I wrote a brief piece about a television series pilot/demo show that I produced a few years ago. Mr Science did not have any takers but the process of writing, designing, and producing the one-off was one of those endeavours that I found satisfying on a creative level. There were problems (always), some bumps, but I learned a lot.

The main, and only, standing set was that of a science laboratory. Here is an early concept I sketched:

And here is a floor plan view of that concept:

Eventually, but rather quickly, I finalized my set design. Here is a thumbnail sketch of the floor plan and elevations:

In case the show were to sell, or if I wanted to make the set in a larger scale, I worked out some concepts for something a little more elaborate than what I conceived for the simple pilot show:

Here is a more elaborate version of the design I settled on in that it has a ceiling:

Soon I will post a photograph of the completed set.


Adele Menegon said...

Some neat ideas here!

Simon St. Laurent said...

Thank you!

The first picture/sketch was a minimalist idea: Three 10' x 4' flats, a center module, and a cyclorama painted black or green. I decided to go for solid walls in the end.

Soon I will post sketches of different paint schemes for the flats.

Tibor said...

If you were to make the roof attachment what were your plans for lighting?

Simon St. Laurent said...

It's a 'fly' ceiling. It would be used for some shots; wide, or low angle looking up.