Sunday, May 17, 2020

A Game of Chicken

That's what I heard, folks, about a week ago. I was working on my laptop as the television smoked at my feet. "Next week's big KFC fight."

I looked up from my computer and saw two mean-looking dudes just inches apart, sharing eye lines, staring mortars.

Back to my work.

I awoke this morning to the result of the chicken fight. (People were anticipating, wagering, and watching that contest?)

Oh. Pardon me.

I had pictured fractured legs kicking a way to that last drumstick; crushing knuckles over the tiny tub of coleslaw; arms swinging for a wing. Brutes' brutality to a nutritionist's nightmare. In a fast food church.

Thinking back to "Next week's big KFC fight": I do remember getting the impression that those two dudes did not look like the type who would 'dine' at KFC.


The above piece was first published as "A Fight at KFC" on August 27, 2017

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