Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Fun: The Tomorrow People - Titles

My introduction to the British children's television series The Tomorrow People (1973 - 1979) happened in the mid-1970s when CBLT here in Toronto ran episodes for a year or two.

Produced by Thames Television and aired by the ITV (Independent Television) network, the show's utilization of a predominantly live-to-tape production method made for some stagy stuff at times, but concepts presented within its thirty minutes could be heady stuff for a so-called "children's" series.

Note must be made of the opening title graphics and Dudley Simpson's theme music. The electric combination seared into one's brain, never to be forgotten, even if one's memory circuit might have discharged individual storylines through the passage of decades.

While The Tomorrow People ran for eight 'series', just 63 episodes were produced. However, it was a success on British telly....and in the States. Series creator Roger Price moved to the U.S. and helmed a three year run (1992 - 1995) of an Americanized version, produced at Nickelodeon Studios in Florida. ("Jaunts" to the Caribbean would be less exotic this time around.)

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Simon St. Laurent said...

I learned today that the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) ran The Tomorrow People on Wednesdays at 5pm, during the summer of 1977.

Thank you, Greg!