Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dover Castle Hosts "Hamlet" (1990)

As I wrote on November the 17th of 2009, edited slightly for this introduction:

While visiting England back in April of 1990, I made sure I revisited Dover Castle, a well known tourist attraction in those parts. I had been once before, as a wee-one back in 1967, so it was time, twenty three years later, to make the pilgrimage.

When I arrived at the main gate the security guard, a rather pleasant older chap, said to me with no hesitation, "you're in today for free, mate". Of course, I asked could not have been the fact that I looked, walked, and quacked like a Canadian, especially since I had not even quacked at that point.


"Franco Zeffirelli's filming his new movie here."



The above piece was first posted as "Hamlet is Being Filmed at Dover Castle" on January 22, 2018.

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