Saturday, May 9, 2020

If Such Creatures Attacked, I Would Laugh Out Loud!

Yesterday I listened to a BBC Radio 2 radio programme that had a fun theme: the best-of 1990s television series' awards show. The host covered sitcoms and dramas of different sorts, and she would start each nominee by playing its theme music. I did not know a lot of the British shows highlighted as many of them did not travel to this side of the lake -- as far as I know.

The category of 'best medical drama' included that big hit, ER.

The host made a quip: "(George Clooney at that point) was really only known for Attack of the Killer Tomaatoes."

I laughed out loud, and thought: "I gotta see that movie!"

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Simon St. Laurent said...

The programme host was mistaken here -- a honest slip. George Clooney was actually in the sequel film, Return of the Killer Tomatoes.