Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Looking Back at a Toronto Film Screening Series

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From the archives:

The Canadian Independent Film Series

It's a bad flyer when there are no dates affixed.

The venue: The Bloor Cinema, Toronto

On the "New Voices" part 1 plan:

The Front Seat  - 4 minutes - black and white - D: Barbara Mainguy
Someone to Love  - 15 minutes - colour - D: Shawn Goldberg
Good Night  - 4 minutes - colour - D: Rick Palidwor
Crucero/Crossroads  - 28 minutes  - colour - D: Ramiro Puerta

CIFS was run by Rob Cosgrove and Chris Dwyer. The programs were well done but the series as a whole was short-lived.


The above piece was first posted as "CIFS Screening Series Flyer" on December 4, 2017

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