Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Television Set Design for a Toronto Indie Feature Film

In the autumn of 1986 I was in my last year of Humber College's "Film and Television" program but I managed to find time to work as an art director on a feature film called The Dark Side.

During production the producers asked me to design a "video tunnel" set as they were in negotiations to get a loaner of many televisions. These would be incorporated into the structure. No problem; I designed away.

Not too long after I submitted my initial concept drawings I was told the deal had fallen through.

Note the tube televisions. The loading would have been something I would have had to take into consideration when designing the set framing. It goes without saying that a set like this would be much easier to do today -- and a lot cheaper. Now I would use LED flat-screens. ("Really? You would?")

(Pardon the decaying colour photocopies. As soon as I find the originals I'll destroy the evidence.)


The above piece first appeared as "Set Design: Television Tunnel" on May 12, 2016.

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