Friday, May 15, 2020

Yet Another Trek (Trekkie Town)

Space me. I mean....spare me.

Today I read the news that CBS All Access is going for another Trekkie show. This one will be titled Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Great name! Hopefully the material sprung forth from it will be good.

Star Trek: Picard is horrible, apparently. I freely admit I've not seen it.  Some of us know why this Trek was dead in outer space, even before cameras rolled. While Patrick Stewart is a fine actor, Jean-Luc Picard is not an intrinsically interesting character. He's not enough in dimension to carry a whole series. And Stewart lacks William Shatner's star power.

Star Trek: Discovery is unwatchable. I tried. I have the whole thing on Crave TV. Try five minutes. Off switch. I heard the second season was a big improvement. Captain Christopher Pike, Kirk's predecessor, is aboard, which has brought things up a few notches. Which leads to....

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is about Pike and his crew. Clearly, CBS is trying to come up with a good Trek show. (The trail of space debris illustrates that it's not easy.)

Could this series bring me back to Trekkie Town?

Post Script: Go light on the CGI. Please. And no goofy space battles. Okay, you're allowed one.

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